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10 gifts that don’t cost a cent

Did someone say gift guide? Now before you whip out the credit card, why not take a breath, take a step back, and dive deep into our top ten gifts that don’t cost a cent.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Where you reactivate Afterpay, blow your budget and regret everything… but all in the name of presents, right? Not this year! And it’s all thanks to our handy dandy FREE gift guide so you don’t have to spend a penny (well, at least less than five pennies).

Homemade food

Plant cuttings

If you’re in any way green thumb-inclined, giving the gift of cuttings from your garden is going to rock the world of your favourite plant mum.

A pre-loved book

Offer to do something nice – that’s actually worth something

What’s your special skill? Are you a landscaper, copywriter, graphic designer, chef, events manager? Whatever your skill, why not offer it up as a Christmas present to your loved ones? This is about giving the gift of something they actually need, while you keep your skills sharp and know you’re doing something to truly help their life, or their business, flourish.

Whatever your skill, why not offer it up as a Christmas present to your loved ones? 

Gift them the thing they always borrow

Whether it’s an item of clothing, a gardening tool, or your favourite pen, give them the gift they keep asking for. Then… you can buy a new one for yourself, right?!

Make a mixtape

You don’t have to go old-school or anything and make it on an actual tape or, heaven forbid, a CD, because no one has the capability to use either of those things anymore. Your favourite streaming service will do just fine. Whether it’s a mix of songs you think they’ll love, or songs that remind you of your time together, this is a sentimental gift that will tug on the heart strings in the best way possible. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note and an explanation of each song!

Make your own personalised coupon book

Don’t make it weird… but make it special. Try putting together a list of nice things to do with or for that person. Take them out to lunch, shout them a coffee, go crazy and take them on a tandem bike ride! Whatever experience you want to offer and share with them, put it on a coupon. That way, they can redeem their gifts whenever it suits them! And, you get a little bit of time to put some coin aside to save up for that fancy brunch you’ll take them to…one day.

Make a calendar

This is really the gift that keeps on giving. Every month they will have a reminder of something that makes them smile. Whether this be family memories, good vibes, or just a collection of funny puns and memes. Make sure you add that extra little touch and include family birthdays, special events, and notes for them to treat themselves whenever you think they might need it. 

Every month they will have a reminder of something that makes them smile.

Design a trivia night

This was a red-hot favourite during lockdown for us, but now that we can all get back together, specialised trivia is a thing! You could set it around the usual topics – music, movies, sport, etc but… what’s the fun in that?! Theme the trivia around inside jokes, family holidays, and fun facts that only you and your participants will know. There are some great online platforms that can really help jazz this up a lot, even some where participants can use their phone to input the answer. You’ll be a hit on Christmas day!

Your favourite recipe, packed nicely in a jar

Everyone pretty much has a favourite cake/brownie/scone mix. What do these things have in common? They all involve dry ingredients that look GREAT when they are layered inside a beautiful jar with a ribbon around the middle, and a handwritten recipe card from you. They look great on Instagram and…they get the joy of cooking, PLUS the end result for Christmas. #winning

Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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