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5 TV series to binge-watch over summer

Since ‘hot girl summer’ is off the cards thanks to La Nina, you’re probably getting keen to finally watch those TV series you’ve been putting off all year for… you guessed it - a rainy day! Here are our top five shows to kick off the binge-watching session of the century.

We get it, you’re busy. And every year, right about now, you’re whispering to yourself how is it December already? You feel like you haven’t had a minute to yourself in the longest of long times. But… there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The end is nigh. A time when you can put your feet up, and finally sink your teeth into the series you’ve been dying to watch all year. Stuck on where to start? We’ve put together our top five TV shows to binge-watch this summer.

White Gold

If you’ve ever scrolled through Netflix and happened upon the synopsis of White Gold and skipped on ahead, I get it. It sounds weird and unassuming and like…sorry what now? But this fourth-wall breaking black comedy, starring Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass) and those two guys from The Inbetweeners, is the kind of show you’ll fly through – it’s just that goddamn good. This is the story of a double glazing showroom in 1983 (you see what I mean about the synopsis) where money is king and there’s a 4000 percent markup on…everything. There’s also infidelity, scheming, plotting, a dash of killin’ and a cast of characters you will get quite attached to once season two rolls around, all without you even noticing. 

You can watch it online here.


Is anyone else as obsessed (or intrigued) with Pyramid Schemes (sorry, Multi Level Marketing) as we are? This Amazon exclusive takes a deep dive into the crazy cult-like world of Lularoe Leggings. From interviews with the founders, to boxes of soggy leggings, to Katy Perry performing live on stage – this docco, and the business in general, pretty much has (well… had) it all. This series is akin to a car crash – you know it’s tragic but you just can’t seem to look away.

You’re welcome.


If you’re in the market for a gritty TV drama that makes you both a little uncomfortable (thanks to the home truths) and provides you with a heartwarming story of the ultimate underdog – giiirrrllll you gotta watch Maid. What’s it about? After a young mother flees an abusive relationship, she takes up a job as a maid, all in the hope of providing a better future for her daughter. This is an emotional rollercoaster, and one you most certainly want to binge-watch when your holidays roll around.

Find it on Netflix here.

Tiger King (Part II)

Remember when the first instalment of Tiger King was released? We were all so hopeful then. We spent our time baking bread and delivering cocktail boxes to our friends. We were all working from home (and loving it) and spending more time with our family, thinking this pandemic would blow over in a few weeks. You know what else we spent our time doing? Watching a dude named Joe Exotic relentlessly pursue a cool cat (and/or kitten) named Carole Baskin. There aren’t many people who missed this the first time round – there really wasn’t anything else to do, right? Well, just in time for the summer holidays, Tiger King Part II has officially dropped, and it’s crazier than you could ever imagine. Think prison is going to keep Joe Exotic down? Heck no!

Watch it on Netflix here

Squid Game

If you really (really) had no time on your hands for the second half of this year (or just didn’t have the brain power to read Korean subtitles) now is your time to watch Squid Game. Quick… do it now so you have time to recover. We’ll be honest here, this series is not for the faint-hearted. There’s violence (and not the kind they usually show on Law and Order either… this is like Korean cinematic violence – you’ll get what we mean when you finally watch). Shining a (red light, green) light on the economic crisis and working conditions in Korea, Squid Game, in essence, is a game of elimination. And that’s all we’re going to say…

Watch at your own risk here.

Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Francisco Andreotti

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