Swell Summer Reads – Glenrock by Lee Christine

Book cover titled 'Glenrock' by Lee Christine and a coffee

We’re always on the lookout for our next page turner, and when Newcastle author Lee Christine’s latest novel Glenrock (published by Allen & Unwin) landed on our desks we dove right in. As the title suggests, this one is set right here in Newcastle and will appeal to anyone that loves crime fiction or mysteries (plus a little bit of romance). We had a quick chat with Lee to find out more.

Happy Summer Daze – The science behind why we love summer

Summer makes us happier… well, that’s what the science says. We certainly feel blissed out by daily Frosty Fruits, sundowners with mates and post-swim naps under the fan, but it turns out that it’s the simplicity of sunshine and warmer weather that literally changes our
brains and bodies for the better.

Hosting over the Holidays?

Don’t get stuck slaving in the kitchen or worrying about where those linen napkins might have disappeared to. A little party prep goes a long way, so get your game plan sorted ahead of time with our stress-free tips for
easy entertaining.

Healing Fires

Firesticks Alliance

Light white smoke swirls in the dusk air at Blacksmiths Beach, as a smoking ceremony is performed. This ceremony is part of an Indigenous-led initiative that is reviving the practice of cultural burns and offering an ancient approach to dealing with climate change.

Hosken Family Zucchini Relish

Ever planted some zucchinis under the guise that they’re one of the easiest vegetables to grow, only to forget about them and before you know it you’ve got some big enough to enter into the next country fair? If you’ve now got an abundance of zucchinis taking over your garden, we’ve got just the recipe for you!

House inspo with Taya of Goldie’s Dress Hire

Twenty-five year old Taya Calder-Mason, owner of successful Newcastle designer dress hire business Goldie’s, is a self-described creative and has already accomplished so much professionally. Her latest project has been renovating her Cooks Hill home with fiancé Rich. We were excited to take a little peek.

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