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Catching up with artist Annie Everingham

Here in Newcastle, we are so lucky to have such a large number of artists calling our city home. One of those is Annie Everingham, whose distinct pastel acrylic canvases have been capturing our hearts and making us swoon for many years. We sat down with Annie to find out what she's been working on lately.

We’ve been admiring Annie Everingham’s work ever since she first debuted on the Newcastle market scene back in 2014, selling her greeting cards, cushions and prints. Since then, we’ve seen her gain recognition across Australia, being picked up by well-known stockists like Jumbled and Fenton & Fenton

We also had the pleasure of featuring Annie and her husband Chris’ home in issue 9 of Swell – which as you can imagination, was an absolute treat. Having recently picked up the paintbrush again following the birth of her little boy, we wanted to take the opportunity to find out what she’s been working on, and how she’s managing to stay creative with a little one at her feet.

You’ve recently returned to the studio following maternity leave – how’s life as a working mama treating you?

I’ve really enjoyed finding my way back to being a creative and business owner again! Being a mum is a tough gig, so work feels like a pretty luxurious bit of me time now. It’s definitely been an adjustment, and like all parents I’m juggling too many balls most of the time, and battling the daycare bugs, but I do enjoy the balance of working part time and spending time at home with my little boy. 

Has motherhood changed the way you work or made you think any differently about your creative process?

There’s a quote I’ve seen shared around a lot lately, and it says ‘creative people need time to do nothing’, and as self indulgent as that sounds – it’s true! I feel like I’ve had to really adapt my creative process in that I simply don’t have enough working hours to drift between ideas or really flesh an artwork, or collection out. It feels like a tricky balance between making creative work with integrity, that I feel really good about, and also meeting the demands and realities of running a viable business. I’m very grateful that after such a long break, there are still people engaged with my work and opportunities knocking on the door, I just have to navigate the workload with less time (and a lot less sleep!). There’s a lot less time for Pinterest cruising, that’s for sure.

Photo by Film and Foliage
Photo supplied by Alemais
Can you tell us a little about your recent Alémais fashion collaboration? I noticed Zoë Foster Blake was wearing one of the dresses in Italy!

My artist collaboration with Alémais has been a career highlight for sure! Back in my uni days (I studied fashion and textiles) I interned at a print design studio in Sydney and met a young designer working there at the time who has gone on to work for some big Australian fashion labels as a print designer. We have mutual friends and had kept in touch over the years, before she contacted me while I was on maternity leave to ask if I’d be open to doing some artwork for her friend’s new label. It was such an effortless, fun and creative project that we essentially did over Zoom while I was still on leave, and over the course of that year or so, the label has just exploded on the Australian and International fashion stage. It was so exciting to see the collection come to life and to see my work translated into print design fashion. To see the collection in international department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in London and worn by celebrities like Zoë is surreal and SO exciting. I definitely did not play it cool when I saw Zoë’s post on Instagram – it was a big fan girl moment for me!

What else are you working on at the moment? What’s been inspiring you?

I’m currently working on a mini collection of new artworks for my local stockist, House of Lita, and am also looking forward to having some pieces showcased in Earp Distillery a bit later in the year. Outside of painting canvases I’m also working on a couple of fun textiles projects for other commercial brands.

I haven’t picked up a good book in ages but I’m currently reading ‘Love & Virtue’ by Diana Reid, and devoured the mini series ‘Two Summers’ on Netflix. I’m also having lots of fun with my painting subjects at the moment and exploring pattern through animals, insects and shells. 

Photo supplied by Annie Everingham

We recently had a week in Fiji and have just got back from a trip to the Aquarium with Augie, so I’m deeply invested in all things aquatic at the moment. It’s fun to explore the world through your children’s eyes and get hyped by the things they like! Probably won’t be painting sharks or diggers anytime soon, though.

Photo supplied by Annie Everingham
Words: Hannah Mills | Main Image: Zoe Lonergan

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