The great sock debate

It’s a tough time to be a millennial right now. It seems that no matter how hard we try, younger generations will find something wrong with what we’re doing. Whether it’s parting our hair on the side, wearing skinny jeans or tucking our shirts into our pants, we can’t seem to get it right. Now they’re coming for the way we wear our socks.

Healing Fires

Firesticks Alliance

Light white smoke swirls in the dusk air at Blacksmiths Beach, as a smoking ceremony is performed. This ceremony is part of an Indigenous-led initiative that is reviving the practice of cultural burns and offering an ancient approach to dealing with climate change.

Don’t say the C word

I’ve been swimming at Merewether Baths
during summer for almost thirty years.
But when the days become shorter
and the temperature starts getting a
little cooler, I stop using the baths.
This is the time of year that a brave
group of swimmers known as the Merewether Mackerels begin their weekly ritual; one that was started close to fifty years ago

Happy Summer Daze – The science behind why we love summer

Summer makes us happier… well, that’s what the science says. We certainly feel blissed out by daily Frosty Fruits, sundowners with mates and post-swim naps under the fan, but it turns out that it’s the simplicity of sunshine and warmer weather that literally changes our
brains and bodies for the better.

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