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Conversation starters (that are nothing to do with COVID)

Stuck for inspo when it comes to a conversation not about COVID? We gotchyou. Here are our top five conversation starters which are bound to keep you chatting – no daily press conference references required.
Non Covid Convo Starters

With the announcement of restrictions (finally) easing it’s an exciting time to be alive. We’ll soon be stepping out into the sunshine, enjoying our newfound freedom, catching up with friends, and… chatting.

Therein lies the rub. If you’re anything like us, you may have found it a little hard to remember what it’s like to, ya know, chat. And that is, chat about anything that doesn’t involve the words C-O-V-I-D, press conference, or Glady-B (miss you) because that age-old (because 2020 feels like an age ago) question of what on earth did we ever talk about pre-COVID is rearing its ugly head once again. But never fear dear reader, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a tried and tested list of conversation starters to help you kick-start your social calendar (and avoid those pesky awkward silences). So, ditch those dirty trackpants you’ve been wearing since last year (actually just throw them out) and welcome back to the world.

Random Facts

Everyone loves trivia. Did you know that tic-tacs are named because of the sound they make when they’re dancing inside their container? No? Now you do! Not only that, you can now tell everyone you know this particular fact. That’s the thing about trivia. The weirder, the wilder and the more outrageous it is, the better. You look smart, your friends are interested, and you’re all better off because of it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and pat yourself on the back because you’re talking about something that has nothing to do with COVID.

What really belongs on a charcuterie board

This may seem like an innocent debate. Idle chit chat if you will. But those who know, know that this is about to get sticky. Especially since picnicking is to 2021 what Xanadu was to the roller disco. Is it just cheese, or just meat? How do you stop things from getting sweaty in the sun? Can you have candy? What’s the cracker to topping ratio? How many dips? The list goes on (and on). It’s also a way to encourage healthy competition because any competition which involves creating the best charcuterie board is one that we want to be a part of.

Best gig you’ve ever been to

This is a great convo starter! You get to reminisce, remind yourself that you were once in fact ‘fun’ before life got in the way, and… it also reminds your conversation counterparts how great live music really is. It gives you a chance to organise your next foray into the live music business, with a drink in hand, having the best time of your life.

True Crime

Because everyone from your dad to your best friend loves true crime, even if they don’t think they love true crime. And given we’ve spent an eternity in lockdown, true crime has formed a large portion of our Venn diagram of the way we spent our time. From Netflix, to podcasts, to that weird documentary you saw that one time, everyone has a true crime story. Also, everyone is always on the lookout for true crime recommendations so it’s a win-win type situation. Further, it’s not your story. Which is great. Because currently… you have no stories to tell, unless you want to recount the fact that you watched the Office from beginning to end seven times during lockdown (just an example, not speaking from experience here… probably). Our recommendation? Oh since you asked. West Cork is a great podcast which will leave you hanging to the last minute – and there are not one, but two documentaries on the same subject. See, told you we gotchyou.

Your Next Holiday

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Australians as a whole love to travel and as soon as we’re able, we’re heading out, off, and into the sunset. But where to? Discussing your next big trip is a sure-fire way to get the convo going. Because suddenly, you morph from being an introvert not knowing how to say a coherent full sentence to someone who isn’t your partner, to a certified, bona fide travel logistics manager. Budget, accommodation, activities, the trip, your outfit. The list goes on, and so does the conversation. 

So there you have it. Five conversation starters which are guaranteed to last you at least 7 picnics. True crime can be extended across multiple outings, depending on when new episodes of that podcast everyone is listening to are released. So go out there. Enjoy yourself. Communicate. You can do it. We promise.

Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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