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Eat Like A Vegan in Newcastle

The vegan food scene in Newcastle has really taken off in the past five years or so, with more and more local eateries expanding their menus to cater for plant-based options. Someone who has kept a close eye on these changes is local vegan lifestyle blogger Chelsey Johns, who since 2010 has been showing people how to eat, look, travel and live Like A Vegan. We asked Chelsey to share some of her top vegan food picks in Newcastle and surrounds.

Rye AND Potato Waffle – Equium Social

Vegetable Bento Box – Nagisa

Vegan Vanilla Glaze Doughnut – Doughheads

I may not be the biggest sweet tooth, but I simply cannot resist a good doughy. Luckily Doughheads have two permanent vegan flavours and one vegan special every fortnight.

Most of the time I like to keep it simple with their vegan vanilla glaze but don’t be surprised if you end up walking out with at least one of each flavour.

Banh Xeo Chay (Veggie Viet Pancake) – VietKing

Out of all the restaurants in Newy, I find myself craving a spread from VietKing the most often. The banh xeo chay is crispy and bursting with flavour – by far the best I’ve ever had. If you’re sharing with others, be prepared for a showdown over who is going to get the last piece.

Photo: Doughheads
Photo: Cake Boi by Zoe Lonergan


Cake Boi’s owner Reece will likely downplay how much of an inspiration I am to him, but there’s no other explanation for how good his vegan coconut & raspberry cake is (other than his baking prowess, I guess.)

It’s a moist and flavourful cake with bursts of raspberry and a creamy frosting that I’d be tempted to just eat straight from the mixer. I haven’t asked him if I can do that, but I don’t think he’ll let me.

Vegan Seafood Platter – The Kingfish

Despite the fact I was never really into seafood in my pre-vegan days, put The Kingfish’s vegan seafood platter in front of me and I will undoubtedly demolish it. Prawns, scallops, fish, salads, chips and more – all vegan and all delish.

Southerner Burger – Greaser’s Good Food

I’ve become accustomed to only being offered one vegan burger option, so at Greaser’s I always feel spoilt for choice! Located within the Family Hotel, the whole menu here is plant-based.

The vegan chicken tenders on the ‘Southerner’ burger are crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and tasty all over. Grab a side of tater tots and you’ll be living your very best life.

Photo: Greaser's Good Food


If you’re keen for a little drive to wine country, you won’t regret stopping by Margan in the Hunter Valley. I can’t pick one dish from their Vegan Garden to Plate menu because it’s an often-changing five course offering made with produce from their very own kitchen garden and orchard. Plus, a lot of the wines are vegan, just ask the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff for recommendations.

Soya Chaap Masala – Sapphire Indian Restaurant

I’m not for one second going to suggest you only order one thing from Sapphire’s extensive vegan offering, however I am going to tell you to make sure the soya chaap masala is one of them. It’s tangy, meaty and the perfect amount of spice, perfectly accompanying all the other menu items you’re surely be digging into alongside it.

Chelsey Johns


Chelsey Johns is a part-time vegan lifestyle blogger and content creator, born and raised in Newcastle. Since 2010, Chelsey has been showing people all over the world how to eat, look, travel and live Like A Vegan through her blog and Instagram account, showcasing vegan products, restaurants and original recipes.

When she’s not working or creating, she’s probably adding things to cart without purchasing, making cocktails, watching Mad Men for the 1000th time or hanging out with her rescue dog, Brett. Sometimes all at once. 

Words: Chelsey Johns | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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