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The great debate(s)

Anyone else love a good debate? No? Just us? What if we were to pose a question like… so how do you feel about pineapple on pizza?
Yeah see. Knew you’d take the bait.

Have you ever looked at your partner/friend/work collegue and thought… You know what I would love? Something to debate about. Something that’s so divisive it’s the perfect remedy for those pent-up lockdown vibes and can ignite that passionate fire in a… debating kind of way. After doing a hot lap around the office, here are the top things that are the domestic equivalent of the great debate (and my unsolicited opinion on every, single, issue). 

Pineapple on pizza

Beauty And the Beast’s Tale as Old as Time plays softly in the background. This is the kind of issue that can drive a wedge bigger than the Grand Canyon between even the best of friends. It’s also an issue that ignites a fire in the belly of the beast, and really, it’s the first true relationship tester. Personally? I’m not at liberty to say, actually, who are we kidding? Pineapple belongs on pizza. It gives that burst of delicious freshness amongst that rich pizzery flavour. And also, you can’t have the (oh so traditional) Hawaiian pizza without pineapple. It would just be like a round, one sided ham sandwich swimming in sauce. 

Top sheet vs no top sheet

Now this one I really can speak from experience. As a very (very) restless sleeper, sleeping with a top sheet makes me dream of being trapped in an eternal prison of French hand- dyed linen (from Dazed But Amazed – obviously). Do you really need a top sheet? What’s the purpose of a top sheet? You already have a sheet and a blanket and probably too many pillows. Your bed shouldn’t be a place of clutter. It should be a sanctuary. special place away from the grind of the day to day.  Which is why I am proud to say that finally, we are a top-sheet-free family. But what say you, dear reader?

Toilet paper

Tomato sauce – fridge or cupboard?

Coriander vs. No Coriander

Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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