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Halloween. Is it really such a bad thing?

Question. Did you know it’s October? Are you excited? Feeling a little… spooky? Or are you silently writhing inside that Australia is just too gosh darn Americanised and it’s pronounced lollies not candy. Whatever you think of the ‘holiday’, it's-a-coming, and fast. But we’re here to say… maybe it’s not so bad.

Someone told me the other day that Christmas is for family and Halloween is for friends, and hot damn I felt that. I felt that with every fibre of my being and before that moment, I wasn’t really all that into the whole Halloween thing. I mean, sure, it’s big on TV (the States) but I’ve never really seen it in practice here in Australia. The holiday cops a lot of flack from Aussies, but I think it’s kind of caught the raw end of the deal here, we just haven’t given it a proper chance. So… here are my top reasons why you should embrace the holiday right here, right now.

A whole lot of tradition

I know it’s hard to comprehend sometimes, but Halloween didn’t start with kids in weird outfits begging for candy. It’s actually steeped in a lot of tradition. Drawing inspiration from the Paegan religious festival Samhain, which many believed was a time where the barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world dissipated entirely – spooky. However as Celtic, European and American cultures merged, Halloween became more like a celebration, a festival, and a chance to celebrate all things spooky and terrifying. Through TV, movies, and a general love of pop culture, Americans took Halloween and ran with it and started begging for candy in the streets, and… dressing up in the cutest costumes you ever did see. Although the phenomenon never really caught on here, if you’re on the fence about celebrating, take comfort in the fact that it goes back a lot further than pet costumes and king-sized chocolate bars.

Vintage. Horror. Movies.

When was the last time you watched a really (really) good horror movie? Not just your average jump-scare vibe made to scare teenagers and make small children cry. I mean a good horror movie. A classic. Cinema. It’s not every day you’re going to sit down and watch a horror movie right, but when Halloween rolls around this is your time to shine people! Our recommendations? The Shining, The Witch, Psycho, Get Out and Funny Games. If you want to go truly vintage, make sure you check out anything by Argento, Hitchcock, or Gaslight featuring Ingrid Bergman. Scare yourself, but keep it classy.

We all deserve a little celebration

Community spirit – it’s still alive and well

Words: Laura Kebby

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