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Podcasts we love (Newcastle edition)

Do you know what the best thing about the holiday season is? Once all the craziness winds down, you’ll finally have the time to listen to all of those podcasts you’ve been saving! Just in case you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve put together a list of top five podcasts with a local flavour. All set for you to binge-listen at your heart's desire.

Podcast party people where the podcast party at? If you’re in the market for a new podcast, we’re here to point you in the right direction – towards your backyard, aka our list of the podcasts we’re loving right now with one hell of a local flavour.

1. Who is Daniel Johns?

Silverchair fans unite! This is the guy who was at the helm of the soundtrack to your formative years, right? It’s really a Novocastrian rite of passage to be a fan of The Chair and if you’re searching for a podcast to sink your teeth into with a Newcastle flair, this is the one for you. This Spotify exclusive gives an intimate, up close, and personal insight to a mostly elusive guy. The kind of insight that we may never see again to be honest, and it’s all in the hope of (finally) answering the question Who is Daniel Johns?

2. Kurt Fearnley’s Tiny Island

Here in Newcastle, we’re proud of a lot of locals and the awesome things they do (locally, nationally, and internationally). Folks like… Kurt Fearnley and his podcast Kurt Fearnley’s Tiny Island. If you’re looking to get behind a local, but also virtually travel whilst you’re at it, then this is the show for you. This is all about hearing from amazing Aussies as they take a deep dive into what it really means to be Australian! One episode even features fellow Novocastrian Sjana Earp (double whammy kids).

3. Art Talk – Mitch Revs and Shaun Wood

Newcastle’s favourite son Mitch Revs and fellow artist and friend Shaun Wood, present Art Talk. Presented by Newcastle Podcast Station (you guessed it… right here in Newcastle) Art Talk is all about the journey from amateur to pro in the art world with many a lol along the way. For a podcast that’s only six months old, Shaun and Mitch have had an impressive lineup of special guests already. From Mitch Eggo Eggleson, Swell Allum Britt Ferns, and Jordan Lucky, this is sure to be a hit with any local creatives – especially those knee deep in the art scene.


4. Oversubscribed

Here at Swell we have a confession. We love Oversubscribed. Ok fine, we’re a little biased. With Swell writer Laura Jackel at the helm – along with her co-host Alana Nixon, how on earth could you go wrong? The gals cover everything from parenting, current affairs, a dash of politics and pop culture and most importantly, a whole lot of laughs. We love it, you’ll love it and the best part? Oversubscribed have a whole backlog of episodes to keep you going. In fact, they have just celebrated their 100th episode. #winning.

5. Makers x Traders Audio Trail

Did you know there’s a (not so) secret network of creatives right here in Newcastle? Makers x Traders is a network of… makers and traders, who are all about supporting local businesses to not just survive but thrive in an ever-changing world. The Makers x Traders Audio Trail is all about getting Novocastrians and tourists alike to explore their city through the eyes of the people who make it great. Featuring the likes of Estabar, Rundle Tailoring, Abicus, and The Falcon, you’ll fall in love with the city you call home all over again, and also be inspired to support the makers and traders who make it great. Season Two of this fabulous series launches 2nd December 2021.

Words: Laura Kebby | Illustration: Mel O'Dell

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