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Party picnic people – Your top five for a #vibe

Picnic anyone? If you could put together your dream list of invitees, what would that look like? We let Laura loose on this one so please don’t judge us for her mistakes. Do you agree with her list?

Haven’t you heard? Picnics are all the rage now. It’s our first taste of freedom in what feels like fifteen years and we’re grabbing it (and the boujee rug and basket combo) with both hands. But who on Earth to take with you? After so many months spent alone, being judged by Netflix (because let’s be honest, we’re always still watching) now is the time to shine. It’s also the time to dream big and with this in mind, here are Laura’s top five picks on who to take with you on a picnic.

Britney Spears

Because hello, she’s free now! She would have the best stories to tell and I’m sure given her new found freedom she would accept the invitation with absolutely no reservations. I also have a feeling she would bring some incredible Southern Hospitality and our snack tastes would be quite similar. I mean, she has been quoted saying her favourite food is a Chili Hot Dog, which in everyone’s opinion, is perfect picnic food.

Meryl Streep

Do we even need to justify this? It’s Meryl Streep! I also have a feeling that she’d bring great snacks and not turn her nose up at a (very) early afternoon vino. We would laugh away the afternoon singing songs from Mamma Mia and debating why she didn’t have a bigger role in Mamma Mia 2. We’d also wear matching overalls and be friends forever.


Julie Andrews


Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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