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Prepare your plants for a post lockdown world

Plants. As far as the eye can see. If you’re faced with returning to the office/society in general and are terrified of throwing away all of your hard work and effort, read on dear friend, as we break down how to care for your plants now lockdown is done and dusted.

If lockdown taught us anything at all, it’s that hobbies are actually kind of awesome. Especially when you don’t have the distraction of things like social events and trying to maintain some sort of work-life balance. Some of us baked bread, others played with lego, some took up sewing and others… bought plants. So many plants. But what happens to said plants when you’re suddenly ready to burst back into the social scene and waltz back into the office on the day to day? Consider this your (slightly unorthodox) guide to taking care of your plants now lockdown has ended.

Reassure your plants that it’s going to be ok

Take some time out of your day, to sit down and admire the indoor oasis you’ve created. You gave them names, spent a house deposit on beautiful handmade pots, and wandered through their luscious foliage admiring your handywork. But now is the time to get real. Let all of your plants know, (even the prickly ones that you didn’t really like at first but you bought them because they were safe and you were scared and now they’re your OGs) that just because you’re not going to be here, doesn’t mean you’re not here.

Sing. Sing Sing Sing

There is actual proven evidence that singing to your plants is good for them. So says science and so say we. And if your plants love it then you know you’re going to do it. When it comes to music choice however you’ve got a heck of a lot of options. If you want to get technical about it, you should stick to songs that sit between 115Hz and 250Hz, but in case you’re not a scientific genius, jazz and classical music work best. But really, your plants will appreciate the one on one time, especially since they are probably about to get a lot less of it real soon.

A change is as good as a holiday

Rotate people. You’re probably used to changing your plants around on the reg because hey, what else is there to do whilst you’re working from home (except I guess work from home, but whatever)? Just because lockdown is over, doesn’t mean you should stop rotating those plants and giving them a holiday once in a while. Let them dance in morning sunlight, as opposed to sticking with that afternoon glow.

I hate to say it, but maybe a cull might be in order

We all bought things over lockdown. We all invested a heck tonne of money into this new hobby we leant on to distract us from the fact that the world was ending. Personally, for example, I now own five tents. Am I sorry about it? No. Because lockdown went on forever and let me spend my goddamn money. Back to plants. If you’re looking at a jungle which literally takes up hours of your time each day to maintain, you may want to pass some on as gifts. Just make sure to be selective in terms of who you gift your babies to. You want them to live a long and prosperous life after all.

Consider this a very (very) important PSA when it comes to leaving your plants to their own devices once you head on out into the big bad world again. And sure, you can also source practical real world applications from the experts if you’re in any way worried about your leafy children. We recommend local gurus Plant Life for all of your plant-ish needs and deeds. 

Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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