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Getting sun safe and skincare savvy

When it comes to skincare, especially in the warmer months (and the fact that we live in Australia), we can be guilty of letting our eco-conscience slide. But what if we told you, you could protect your skin from harsh rays AND take care of the environment and our precious marine life? Thanks to Sacha and the team from SunButter… you can!

With summer fast approaching, one of the questions on all of our lips should be… how am I going to take care of my skin? But what’s the best way to do just that? And also, how can you make sure you keep the environment at the forefront of your mind while doing so? We sat down with Sacha from SunButter Skincare to get the lowdown on all things skincare and eco-friendly choices.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sacha and I am a marine biologist, creative, activist and co-founder of SunButter Skincare.

Why did you decide to start SunButter and what’s your blue-sky vision for the business?

We started SunButter to create a reef-friendly and plastic-free sunscreen. Tom and I had been working on the Ningaloo Reef as whale shark guides and sunscreen was a necessity – honestly more important than grabbing your keys and wallet before leaving the house! At the same time, we were learning that chemical UV blockers were wreaking havoc on marine systems. Science now shows that chemical sunscreens build up in the tissues of marine mammals acting as endocrine disrupters, as well as killing young corals. Imagine the number of beach and river-goers around the world lathering on sunscreen! Literally tonnes of these chemical UV blockers wash off humans and into waterways every year. It’s invisible pollution and we wanted to create a better alternative to protect people and the planet. 

Love this term – blue-sky vision. We are Australia’s first non-plastic packaged sunscreen, and we want to continue being innovative in everything we do. We want to continue paving the way for future brands to do the same. We’d also love to see SunButter donating 100% of profits back to environmental conservation projects and First Nations leaders who are doing the important work of recentering First Nations Culture.

What does it mean to you (and in general) to be an eco-conscious business?

It’s the only way we’d ever run a business. Tom and I are naturally frugal people –  we lovingly call ourselves ‘frugal hedonists’ after reading the book (totally recommended). For us, being eco-conscious is about not wanting more than you need, striving to be innovative with the resources you have and always keeping the health of the planet and humanity in the forefront of your planning. Being eco-conscious is a process that requires continuous reflection and mindfulness. In return it generates reciprocity, community, growth and fulfilment.


With summer creeping up really fast, what’s your top tip for taking care of your skin during the warmer months? And why shouldn’t we neglect our skin in winter?

Beauty therapists will agree that using a daily SPF is the secret to youthful looking skin. Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays reduces free radicals, premature skin ageing and can reduce your chances of developing skin cancers. We may notice the powerful work of sunscreen in the warmer months when the UVB is out and sizzling, but it is also super important in winter months when the UVA is as strong as ever but perhaps not leaving a telltale burn. 

Where is your favourite summer vacation spot and why?

Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria. The hikes, the varying vegetation, the wildlife, the surf, the offshore islands wrapped in ribbons of white sand and beautiful turquoise water – what’s not to love!

We absolutely loved chatting to Sacha about all things summer sun, skincare, and of course SunButter. If you’re looking for an alternative to your regular (not so great for the ol’ environment) sunscreen, look no further than the consciously made, thoughtfully produced, and incredibly protective SunButter products. From sunscreen to aftersun skincare, surf zinc, and even a sunscreen subscription service (sign us up!) SunButter has it all. Looking to shop small as the weather warms up? Shop SunButter online, here

Words: Laura Kebby | Photography: Supplied by SunButter

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