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Take a walk on the (not so) wild side

We're pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to local walking trails in Newcastle and surrounds. Whether it be an easy weekend stroll by the beaches, or something a little more adventurous - here are our top five picks.

1. Green Point Foreshore Reserve

Starting Point: The car park on Shores Way in Belmont, Lake Macquarie
Level of fitness: Easy to Moderate (some sealed tracks)

This wonderful network of tracks has so many different options, regardless of how much time you have, your hiking skill, or your level of fitness. Situated in Lake Macquarie, Greenpoint Reserve is absolutely guaranteed to keep you and the kids entertained for as long as you see fit. From lush green forests by the lake, to beautiful open (and incredibly repurposed) spaces with a mixture of sealed and unsealed paths, take it from us – you’re going to love it. 

2. Glenrock Reserve

Starting Point: Head to Yuelarbah Track, Highfields
Level of fitness: Easy to EPIC

You might have driven past this little haven many a time, but when was the last time you actually explored? Or have you managed to explore this pocket of paradise at all? Now is the perfect time to take in Glenrock. Whether you’re searching for a quick five-minute stroll, or you want to take a day to explore it all, there is a little something for everyone and we’re so lucky to live so gosh darn close.

3. The Fernleigh Track (well… just to the left of it anyway)

How to get there: Railway Parade, Belmont, then follow the Fernleigh track until you find an entry point to your left. For the main track – Click here for all the details

Level of fitness: Easy to moderate track although navigation skills are a must if you’re going off the main track

The Fernleigh track is very well known here in Newcastle. So well in fact, you’ve probably walked it numerous times – but have you ever ventured off the track? If you take a little gander at Google Maps, you’ll actually see an incredible network of tracks, just a whisper off the main cement track. As someone who has spent lots of time wandering these tracks, I can absolutely say there is always something new to discover. Hot tip – if you are going hiking alone, make sure you tell someone where you are, where you’re headed, and what time you’ll be back!

4. Munibung Hill

How to get there: There are many different entry points! 

  1. Lucilla Ridge, Macquarie Hills
  2. Blaxland Road or Macquarie Road, Macquarie Hills
  3. Grasmere Ave or Ambleside Cct, Lakelands (Warners Bay)
  4. Hopkins Street or Quarry Road, Speers Point
  5. Sixth and Seventh Streets, Boolaroo

Fitness level: Moderate to hard(ish) – it is a hill after all!

One that you might not have heard of (Maybe? Hopefully?), sitting at around 160 metres above sea level. The view from Munibung Hill is actually some kind of wonderful. With uninterrupted views across Lake Macquarie and surrounds, this one is worth working up a bit of a sweat to get to the top. The best thing? Munibung Hill is not only beautiful, but is extremely culturally significant to the local First Nations people and is linked to incredible stories from the Dreamtime. How to get here? There are so many different entry points! Head to this website for more details.

5. Nobbys Lighthouse
to the Bogey Hole

How to get there: Park in Nobbys Beach carpark
Fitness level: easy to moderate, with a few hills

This one is really a Novocastrian rite of passage. You’ve probably walked at least sections of this journey in the past but consider this your invitation to explore this particular track a little more consciously. Our amazing town has changed a LOT over the years, and maybe it’s been a while since you’ve taken in the sights of the coastline. This journey is actually kind of incredible, and with all the free parking right near the beach, and plenty of incredible coffee on the way, there’s really no better way to spend a morning.

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