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How to plan your summer outfit: A left of field guide to your new lewk

Wanting to reinvent yourself this summer? You’re not alone! As we all emerge out of lockdown and step into the summer sun, this can only mean one thing. A brand - new - outfit. But where to start? How to choose? And what comes next in the fashion circle of life? Here is Laura’s (slightly unconventional) guide to picking your new summer look.

Is it just me or does everyone else in the entire land, come summer, reinvent themselves and pick a whole new summer outfit? Just me? Anyway, this is absolutely not a process that I take lightly at ALL. It’s also not a process that really fits in with any conventional ‘how to pick an outfit’ guide. This is about fun. It’s about creativity. And it’s as close to Madonna (aka continually reinventing myself) that I will ever get. When I’m looking at picking a new summer outfit, it all starts with an idea – a character and a backbone with heart. So I have come up with some (slightly unconventional) tips and tricks for choosing your summer #vibe as we step out into the open air once again and celebrate long days and hot nights.

Choose a character

You might all think I’m crazy but I can absolutely guarantee you that this will help you in more ways than one. It will absolutely reignite your creativity – you know the thing you probably kept hidden during lockdown – and will help give foundational clarity to your new lewk. For me? I’m going with 90s New York – first year out of college, with limited funds, more than one favourite bar and weekends spent with a conscientious re-watching of Space Jam. Specific? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely. Having a character and a persona helps give my outfit a little bit of personal cred too. I back my new outfit and style because to me, it’s based on something (sorta) real. It also takes away the pressure of trying to decide what I want. Because it feels fun and fresh and like something I’m just trying out for the warmer months.

Shop local

When deciding on a new look, another thing you should consider is the where., As in, where-the-heck should I buy this new outfit? My hottest of hot tips? Shop local and shop small! Here in Newcastle for example, we’re super lucky to have so many great offerings right here on our doorstep. Think Ramjet, Long Clothing Co, Abicus, The Lair, Cream, and… actually this list is too long to mention. But no matter wherever you are in the world, there’s a small brand out there, making rad , locally made, locally designed stuff that’s perfect for summer.

Shop sustainably

Go with a palette

Have an alternate look that matches your partner

Words: Laura Kebby  | Photography: Zoe Lonergan

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